Angelina and Lachlan's engagement ring: A halo design

With some ideas in mind for a custom engagement ring, Lachlan was in search of a special piece for Angelina. Here's how we designed their ring.

Handmade cushion cut halo engagement ring Harlequin Jewellers Canberra

First, we explored some ideas.

Lachlan had been keeping track of engagement ring styles that Angelina liked. Taking notice of comments she mentioned here and there, he had a head start on designing her piece. We met to first talk through some options which included design features he had noticed.

From his research, Lachlan was looking for a diamond ring, with a diamond halo giving a cushion shaped effect.

Then we decided on the design details.

For the centre diamond, we considered a range of shapes. We decided on a cushion cut diamond to tie in with the shape of the halo, and sourced a beautiful gem to base the rest of the design around.

Continuing his detective work, Lachlan noticed that Angelina liked engagement rings with a subtle distinction between the centre stone and halo, creating a sparkly array of diamonds. So we chose on claw settings for the small diamonds, to achieve this look while keeping her diamonds safe in the ring.

We needed Angelina's ring size.

There was one more detail we needed to create a ring for Angelina - her ring size. While guessing the exact size for surprise engagement rings can be tricky, Lachlan sneakily gave us enough information we needed to estimate her size. Armed with a ruler, he measured a ring that she wears on her middle finger. From there, we were set to create their piece.

Estimating Angelina's ring size.

Estimating Angelina's ring size.

Creating Lachlan and Angelina's piece.

Creating Lachlan and Angelina's piece.

The proposal

With the ring ready for its proposal, Lachlan had a brilliant plan to capture the moment.
As he is budding photographer, Angelina was accustomed to Lachlan crafting the perfect shot in interesting ways. So, Angelina thought nothing of the setup, assuming the photo below was another of Lachlan's photography experiments. An excellent one at that.

Congratulations you two!

Capturing a proposal engagement ring box Harlequin Jewellers Canberra

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