Ann's new ring: A remodelled design

For many, there comes a time when their engagement ring is ready for a change. In Ann's case, her engagement ring had broken after many years. So, she brought her much-loved ring into the Harlequin studio for us to take a look.

It began with Ann's gemstones.

With a combination of diamonds and rubies, Ann's engagement ring gave us a beautiful base to work with. As well, Ann had a few other pieces of diamond and ruby jewellery she had acquired over the years, but these days rarely wore.

Together, we had a combination of sizes and shapes to begin exploring ideas. Could we incorporate them into a single piece?

Before a remodel - Harlequin Jewellers Canberra

It was time for a change.

For her remodel, Ann wanted something a little different in style to her engagement ring. She was drawn to filigree designs, and hoped we could incorporate some filigree elements in her design.

Leaving us with her rings, we removed the gemstones from Ann's pieces, and began to play around with the design ideas we spoke about. Will it work this way? Should we design it that way? What will create a balanced piece? How will it fit Ann's style?

Then, we met with Ann again to finalise the design.

Designing Ann's ring

With some ideas on paper, we decided on the arrangement of the gemstones, adding a small round diamond to balance the existing gems.

Preferring yellow gold, Ann decided to make this the main metal featured in the piece. Though for the larger gemstones, we opted for white gold settings to help the red and white in the ring stand out.

With the gemstones as the feature of the piece, we incorporated some filigree detailing - though on the sides of the ring, to frame the main design.

Designing Ann's ring

Designing Ann's ring

Into the workshop.

Trusting us to bring piece to life, away we went creating Ann's ring. Each piece made by hand to create the intricate design.

Remodelling a ring Harlequin Jewellers Canberra
Remodelling a ring Harlequin Jewellers Canberra
Remodelling a ring Harlequin Jewellers Canberra
Remodelling a ring Harlequin Jewellers Canberra

Then, it was time for Ann to see her new ring.

Not knowing what to expect from our sketchy line drawings, Ann had a surprise waiting for her when she visited us again. Her loose gemstones had undergone a drastic transformation since our last meeting.

Ann's new ring is a unique piece, ready for a lifetime of wear. It's made all the more special by the meaning behind her gemstones. Enjoy your new ring, Ann!

Time for a change to your engagement ring? Contact us to begin exploring some new ideas.