Black Opals: My first true love

It's no secret that I love opals.

This beautiful stone is what inspired my love of jewellery at the ripe old age of 8, when my grandfather taught me the art of cutting and polishing opals.

What's my favourite type? The Lightning Ridge Black Opal. Isn't she lovely?

Black opal and diamond dress ring - Harlequin Jewellers

We're very lucky in Australia to have the most beautiful black opals right on our doorstep. With the rarest of all opals found in Lightning Ridge, including the incredibly rare 'Harlequin' opal, Australia is home to some of the most wonderful stones that exist.

What intrigues me most about the black opal is that no two stones are quite alike. With brilliant arrays of colour that are different from every angle, they look incredible in all jewellery pieces -- from modern statement pieces through to old fashioned creations.

This colourful gem is, and always will be, my first true love.

Black opal gents ring - Harlequin Jewellers