How often does your engagement ring need a checkup?

Like many beautiful things in life, your engagement ring needs a little care to keep it in good shape. Without proper care, your diamonds can be there one day, and gone the next!

It’s easy to miss the signs of jewellery deteriorating -- regular checkups from a jeweller can help to keep your ring in good health, and pickup on early warning signs before those diamonds disappear.

How often should you see your jeweller?

While some engagement rings can last many years without any troubles, others aren’t as lucky. I recommend getting your jeweller to check your engagement ring at least once a year, particularly if it is a claw set ring.

Of course, if your ring gets knocked around quite a bit, you may like to see your jeweller a little more often to make sure your gemstones are safe.

What does a jeweller look for when they inspect your engagement ring?

Your jeweller will thoroughly inspect the your engagement ring for signs of metal fatigue. They’ll check that the metal is holding the stones in securely, and assess the risk of stones becoming loose.

Claw settings, in particular, require an expert eye to check that they are stable and not prone to catching on items which could cause them to lift.

What should you look out for?

In between checkups, keep a close eye on your engagement ring and let your jeweller know if you spot anything unusual. If you spot these signs, it may be time to see you jeweller -

  • Catching on fabrics

  • ‘Rattling’ noises

  • Uneven ‘claws’ or ‘beads’

While these aren’t always signs of major issues, it’s best to get your jeweller to check your ring to be sure it’s in the clear.

Is it time for your engagement ring to get a checkup? Contact us to arrange one.