Engagement rings: Where to begin

Thinking of getting an engagement ring, but not sure where to start? The idea of buying an engagement ring can be overwhelming, especially if jewellery isn't your cup of tea. Let's make things simple. Here are 3 easy things to think about:

  1. Style. If you're unsure what type of ring your partner would like, your jeweller can help. Giving your jeweller an idea of your partner's personal style will help you design something that's perfect for them. Do they wear jewellery? If so, take note of how often and what type.

  2. Ring size. Getting your partner's ring size need not be a secret-ruining task. Obviously, an accurate measure from a jeweller is preferable, but failing that, try to get a picture of your partner's hand to bring to your consultation. You'd be surprised at how much this helps your jeweller determine their ring size!

  3. Budget. Have a think about how much you'd like to spend on your special piece. With rings ranging from a few thousand up to many tens of thousands of dollars, a rough idea of your budget will help to pinpoint your ideal engagement ring.

Once you've thought about these 3 things, make an appointment to chat about your ideas. We’ll help you create something magnificent!