Eternity rings: 5 design ideas

Time to think about your eternity ring design? Whether you're looking for an understated matching ring, or something out of the ordinary, have yours reflect your personality. Here we look at 5 ideas to inspire your design.

1. Your wedding ring

If you like a symmetrical look, consider asking your jeweller to create a ring that's exactly the same as your wedding ring. A great choice if you love your wedding ring design (or if you're trying to surprise your partner with a new ring!).

2. Diamonds

If you've got a plain wedding ring, but want something a little more sparkly for your eternity ring, consider adding small diamonds. Your wedding and eternity rings don't have to be the same. Your jeweller can help you decide what size, shape, and style of setting will work well alongside your existing rings.

Diamond eternity ring - Harlequin Jewellers Canberra

3. Colour

While diamonds are the most common gemstones used in engagement, wedding and eternity rings, there's nothing stopping you from choosing coloured gemstones. Sapphires are a great choice - they're strong, bright, and available in a huge range of colours.

Blue sapphire and diamond eternity ring - Harlequin Jewellers Canberra

4. Shaping

For something a little different, consider an eternity ring with some custom shaping. These styles work particularly well alongside solitaire engagement rings. Whether you like marquise shapes, rounds, or squares, your jeweller can help you design something to your taste.

Pink sapphire and diamond wedding and eternity rings with custom shaping - Harlequin Jewellers Canberra

5. A different finger

Who says you need to wear your eternity ring on your engagement ring finger? Whether you like your engagement and wedding rings as they are, or you have your heart set on a design that just won't match, consider having an eternity ring made for a different finger. Your standalone piece can be designed however you like.

Filigree yellow and white diamond eternity ring - Harlequin Jewellers Canberra

Do you have an idea in mind for your eternity ring? Contact us to bring it to life.