How to guess your partner's ring size

Found the perfect design, but not sure of your partner's ring size? While many rings can be easily re-sized a few sizes up or down, it helps to make your ring as close as possible to its perfect size. Make the guesswork easier with these simple tricks.

How to guess your partner's ring size - Harlequin Jewellers Canberra

1. Borrow one of their rings

If you can manage to sneakily borrow a ring your partner already wears, have your jeweller measure its size for you. Be sure to take note of which hand and finger they wear the ring on, to give your jeweller a reference point.

2. Measure one of their rings

Can't take the ring with you? Sneakily measure it instead. Simply measure its diameter, trace the inside rim on a piece of paper, or see where it fits on one of your own fingers.

3. Take a picture of their hand

Too risky for comfort? If you'd rather not risk being caught with their ring, bring a picture of them, and their left hand to your consultation. From this, your jeweller should be able to fairly closely estimate their ring size.

With a little preparation, guessing your partner's ring size is a breeze. At Harlequin Jewellers, if you're buying an engagement ring for a surprise proposal and it doesn't fit perfectly, we'll happily resize it free of charge.

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