Katherine and Daniel's engagement ring: A bespoke sapphire and marquise design

With some design elements in mind, Katherine and Daniel were on a hunt to find a jeweller to help them design their engagement ring together. We were delighted to help.

The marquise diamonds.

Firstly, Katherine had a beautiful sentimental idea. Her mum's engagement ring features two marquise diamonds. Katherine decided she would like to include marquise diamonds in her ring as well.

Katherine and her mum's engagement rings.

Katherine and her mum's engagement rings.

A coloured gemstone.

Wanting something a little different for her engagement ring, Katherine loved the idea of a tanzanite - a beautiful violet-blue gem. But there was one problem. Sadly, tanzanites are soft gemstones that can be quite easily damaged, which isn't ideal for an engagement ring that will be worn every day.

So, we set ourselves a challenge: to find Katherine and Daniel a hard-wearing gemstone in a tanzanite colour. And find one we did! A natural purple-blue sapphire, that's not only beautiful, but also displays different shades of colour in varying lights. 

Some of the many colours Katherine's sapphire displays.

Some of the many colours Katherine's sapphire displays.

The final step? Organising the surprise!

With a good idea of Katherine's taste in rings, and their gemstones selected, the next step to create a beautiful piece for her. 

Although Katherine joined us at our first meetings, Daniel decided he wanted to surprise her with her new ring. So we secretly worked away at her ring, and helped Daniel organise his surprise.

Congratulations on your engagement Katherine and Daniel!

Sapphire and marquise diamond engagement ring Harlequin Jewellers Matthew Hengge

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