Marie's remodelled ring: Re-creating a loved design

Once in a while, a piece of jewellery comes into our lives, whose design holds memories. When it comes time to revive it, there’s only one path you want to take. Here’s the story of Marie’s unique ring.

It started with the centre diamond.

After many years of wear, Marie’s piece suffered a loss. The centre setting that once housed a beautiful diamond had become loose, and her diamond was there no longer. As an interim solution, Marie had a cubic zirconia set in its place. Simple, effective, and it let her continue to wear the piece until she was able to arrange a more permanent solution.

Marie’s original ring.

Marie’s original ring.


It was time to restore the piece.

Marie brought her ring to me, complete with its cubic zirconia, with an end goal in mind. It was time for her to replace the centre diamond she had lost. Together we chose a beautiful round brilliant cut as the centre gem of the piece.

With the piece wearing thin, and the remaining gems at risk of a similar fate, we decided to revive the whole piece as well.

Marie’s piece needed more strength.

The design, without a doubt, held many memories for Marie. So we set about a plan to re-create the original piece. No flashy redesign. No drastic transformation. Simply a new, strong, beautifully made piece, to the same design as it once was.

From the workshop, creating Marie’s new band.

From the workshop, creating Marie’s new band.

And so, Marie’s revived ring is ready to wear.

Complete with its new diamond, its beautiful rose cuts and beautiful vintage design, Marie’s ring is ready to continue being a part of her life.

Marie’s complete re-created ring.

Marie’s complete re-created ring.


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