Ruby and Pete's engagement ring: A locally sourced heirloom

From humble beginnings, to a sparkly all-Australian masterpiece, Ruby and Pete's engagement ring certainly has a story to tell. Here's the journey of their heirloom piece.

It began with some gold.

When Ruby and Pete arrived for their engagement ring consultation, they had a personal request for their engagement ring. Pete's dad had been prospecting, and gifted the couple some gold to use in their special piece.

Off it went to the Harlequin workshop, to be refined and alloyed into a white gold metal for their piece.

Gold nuggets discovered by Pete's dad while prospecting.

Gold nuggets discovered by Pete's dad while prospecting.

Time to source a gemstone.

Wanting to keep their entire engagement ring locally sourced, an Australian gemstone was a natural choice for Ruby and Pete. We enlisted the help of a master gem faceter to specially cut a stunning Australian blue sapphire from rough for their piece.

Then came the design.

Set to go with some metal, and a bespoke gemstone, we designed the rest of the piece around the centre gem. Drawing on art deco styles for inspiration, Ruby and Pete decided on some small round brilliant cut diamonds either side of their feature gem, set in delicate milgrain steps.

Congratulations on your engagement, Ruby and Pete!

Ruby and Pete's finished engagement ring.

Ruby and Pete's finished engagement ring.

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