Sam and Andrew's engagement ring: A delicate solitaire piece

Knowing that Sam didn't wear much jewellery, Andrew faced a challenge with choosing an engagement ring. What could he choose that she would enjoy wearing?

We aimed for simplicity.

With Sam's style in mind, simplicity was key when designing their ring. Our aim was to create a piece that was beautiful, but also comfortable for her to wear.

So, we decided on a classic round brilliant cut diamond, in an elegant solitaire style ring.

A custom design.

Being one of the few pieces of jewellery Sam would wear, Andrew also wanted to make it special. So we incorporated a personal touch to the piece.

We designed a delicate setting to house the diamond, with a band that would allow plenty of light to reach the diamond. Practical, elegant, and made just for her.

Congratulations Sam and Andrew!

Solitaire diamond engagement ring - Harlequin Jewellers Canberra

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