Sapphires: Which colour is your favourite?

Beautiful and amazingly versatile, sapphires are an ever-popular choice for stunning jewellery.

Thanks to their durability, sapphires can be worn in all types of jewellery, without worrying about them breaking with everyday wear.

Unlike some of their less durable coloured counterparts, sapphires are capable of withstanding a little rough treatment that comes with being set in rings. This makes them a great choice for a splash of colour in an engagement ring.

Available in a huge variety of colours and shapes, there’s one to suit every taste. While blue and pink sapphires tend to steal the spotlight, there are an enormous number of shades to create your perfect masterpiece with -- including ‘parti-coloured’ stones which showcase multiple colours in one stone.

Coloured sapphires - Harlequin Jewellers Canberra

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