Tanzanites: A new kind of blue

My wife and I are loving these stones at the moment. Featuring a mesmerising blue colour with a subtle hint of purple, there's something enchanting about these little gems.

Pear shaped Tanzanites - Harlequin Jewellers

Pear shaped Tanzanites - Harlequin Jewellers

Found only in (you guessed it) Tanzania, these beautiful stones are relatively new on the jewellery scene. Though this hasn't stopped them taking the world by storm.

Although Tanzanites can be used for any piece of jewellery that takes your fancy, I advise that they're best suited to earrings or a pendant. These stones tend to be rather soft, and often deeply cut to show off their brilliant colour, which sometimes makes them impractical for rings.

If you're looking for a special piece, be sure to keep these beauties in mind!