White gold vs Platinum: Which is better for your engagement ring?

White metals have been a popular choice for engagement rings for many years, surpassing classic yellow gold. White gold and Platinum both make excellent choices for your new heirloom piece, but which is better for you?

Platinum engagement ring

Platinum engagement ring

White gold engagement ring

White gold engagement ring


Without a doubt, platinum is one of the finest and most robust metals that exist for use in jewellery. In theory, it lasts far longer than other metals thanks to its impressive properties, which allow it to be used in a near-pure form - typically 95%. The stately weight that can be felt in a platinum piece also adds to its allure.

A platinum engagement ring will be more expensive than an equivalent white gold ring, due in part to its purity, and in part to its density. In short, more platinum than white gold goes into a piece, ramping up its price.

Although the metal itself is long lasting, platinum does scratch and mark more with day-to-day wear, meaning more maintenance is required over time to keep your ring looking swish. You can expect more visits to your jeweller for regular polishing.

White gold

With the addition of particular metals, yellow gold is transformed into a luscious 18ct white metal. It's a common choice for all types of jewellery, including engagement rings, thanks to its affordability over platinum. 

White gold often gets a hesitant thought, given misconceptions that it requires frequent 'rhodium plating' to keep it from appearing yellow-ish. However not all white gold mixtures are made equal. With the right combination of alloys, white gold can rival Platinum in colour, even in its raw unplated state.

The alloys used in white gold reduce its purity, but add to its strength. It becomes far more resistant to scratches and marks than a platinum piece, which is a welcome feature for a piece that will be worn every day.

Our verdict:

Although platinum is a fantastic long-lasting metal, it's our second choice for engagement rings that are worn daily, given the maintenance it requires.  White gold is our pick for engagement rings, thanks to its practicality for day-to-day wear.

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