Womens wedding rings: 3 questions to ask your jeweller

Womens wedding rings - Harlequin Jewellers Canberra

Choosing a wedding ring to wear alongside your engagement ring?  Here are 3 questions to ask your jeweller, for peace of mind with your design.

1. Will it wear against my engagement ring setting?

When designing your wedding ring, consider how it will sit against your engagement ring. If your engagement ring 'setting' (the part that holds your main gemstone in) protrudes out the side, a straight wedding ring may damage it over time. You may need a 'fitted' wedding ring that wraps around the setting. Your jeweller can help you design one.

2. What options will I have for my eternity ring?

Although you're only looking for your wedding ring for now, consider what options you have for an eternity ring down the track. If you eventually want to wear all 3 rings together (your engagement ring, wedding ring, and eternity ring), think about the design of the full set when making your decision. Keep in mind your wedding and eternity rings don't need to have the same design.

3. Will my engagement ring still be the focal point?

When designing your wedding ring, you'll want to make sure it complements your engagement ring, without overpowering it. Ensure your wedding ring is prominent enough to still be beautiful when worn on its own, but still lets your engagement ring take centre stage on your finger when worn together.

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