A day in the life of a jeweller

Every day as a jeweller is very different. Whether I'm spending the day in the workshop working away on a new piece, or spending the day chatting to clients (and anyone who knows me knows I love to chat!), I'm always tackling something new.

But what's the best thing about being a jeweller?

For me, it's the sheer delight on my clients' faces when they receive the piece I've created for them. The heartwarming messages I receive when a client proposes with their special ring, and the answer is 'yes'. The smiles I receive when I ask old customers how their jewellery is going, that show they're still as smitten with their piece as they day they first received it.

It's in those moments that I know being a jeweller means being part of something pretty special. In an industry where every day at work is different, that's the one thing that never changes.