5 ideas for remodelling jewellery

Thinking of getting a piece of jewellery remodelled, but not sure where to start? Whether it’s a beloved engagement ring that has been damaged over the years, or a sentimental family heirloom that’s no longer in style, remodelling is a great way to turn a treasured piece into something wearable once again. Here are 5 ideas for how to go about it.


Commissioning your jeweller to create a replica of a run down piece of jewellery is a magical way of recapturing the meaning it holds. This is perfect for a piece that you still love the style of, but can’t wear because it has been damaged or is suffering metal fatigue. The engagement ring below was re-created in this way, with the front profile of the ring replicated in the new piece.

An engagement ring re-created to the same design as the original piece (original frame shown on left) - Harlequin Jewellers

An engagement ring re-created to the same design as the original piece (original frame shown on left) - Harlequin Jewellers


Just like clothing trends, some jewellery designs go out of style over the years. Though this doesn’t mean you need to get rid of a piece entirely. Having the stones in an existing piece restyled into a new design can be just what you need to make the piece inspiring once again.


Remodelling need not involve only one piece of jewellery. Multiple pieces of jewellery that have a special place in your heart (but are sitting unworn in a drawer) can be repurposed to create a unique piece. Your jeweller can help you develop a design that will make the best use of the materials. In the piece below, the stones from multiple unworn pieces of jewellery were given a new lease of life as a custom dress ring.

Remodelled jewellery - Harlequin Jewellers

Add sparkle

For some couples, engagement and wedding rings are purchased at a time when they can afford only a modest design. Remodelling to something a little more extravagant after a number of years is a great way to celebrate your journey together, while still holding onto the meaning of your original piece.

Colour change

If you love the design of your piece, but aren’t happy with the colour of the metal it’s made of, remodelling can help you fall in love with it again. Whether you have started wearing more white gold than yellow over the years, or the person you inherited a piece from preferred a different colour gold, your jeweller can remake a piece for you in a new metal.


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